15 UK Fighters In The WMO Muay Thai World Rankings

Jonathan Haggerty - WMO Muay Thai World Rankings

Much like the WBC and WMC, the World Muay Thai Organization (WMO) is a world renowned sanctioning body in the sport of Muay Thai.

The WMO Muay Thai publish their male World rankings in 17 different weight classes, ranging from 105lbs (Mini-Flyweight) up to 230lbs (Heavyweight).

As expected, the best Muay Thai fighters in Thailand dominate the lower weight classes, but many of the best Muay Thai fighters in other parts of the World hold respective positions in other competitive divisions. This includes 14 of the UK’s best Muay Thai fighters.

Jonathan Haggerty is one of the least experienced yet one of the most recognisable of all UK Muay Thai fighters, having achieved one of the greatest accolades in the modern Muay Thai era.

The former ONE Championship Muay Thai World champion is currently ranked #11 in the WMO Muay Thai 130lbs (Super-Featherweight) World rankings.

Fellow ONE Championship star Liam Harrison is also featured in the WMO Muay Thai World rankings. He is ranked #12 in the 147lbs (Welterweight) division. Only Rafi Bohic, Julio Lobo and Bobo Sacko are the three foreigners above Harrison, the rest are all Thai’s.

Next up in the 154lbs (Super-Weltwerweight) division, the UK have two of their best fighters ranked within the top 15 of the WMO Muay Thai.

Having been removed from the Thai Fighter UK domestic rankings due to inactivity on UK soil, former UK #1 Liam Nolan is ranked at #13 in the World rankings. He is followed closely by Jack Cooper at #14, who replaced Nolan at #1 in the Thai Fighter UK rankings back in December 2019.

Coopers training partner at Northern Kings, and ONE Championship fighter, Juan Cervantes is one of two UK fighters to hold a #1 spot in the WMO Muay Thai World rankings.

Having been ranked in the WBC Muaythai World rankings over the last 18-months, Cervantes also holds the top spot in the WMO 200lbs (Cruiserweight) World rankings.

The remaining 10 UK Muay Thai fighters named in the WMO Muay Thai World rankings are as follows;

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