3 More UK Female Muay Thai Fighters Added To WBC World Rankings

WBC Muaythai - Erin Kowal Female Muay Thai

In a recent update, the WBC Muaythai published an expansion of their female Muay Thai world rankings.

Initially published in early 2020, each weight division held 6 of the World’s best female Muay Thai fighters. Now though, the WBC Muaythai have expanded each division to hold up to 10 female fighters in each category.

Outside of Thailand, the UK is one of the most popular countries in the WBC Muaythai female Muay Thai World rankings.

Coming second behind Thailand on 14, the UK had 8 female Muay Thai fighters listed in the WBC Muaythai World rankings. These included the likes of Iman Barlow, Niamh Kinehan, Grace Spicer, Dani Fall and many others.

After the recent expansion however, an additional 3 UK female Muay Thai fighters have been included in the WBC World rankings. All 3 of which hail from Scotland.

Rhona Walker, currently ranked #1 in the UK at Flyweight, enters the WBC Muaythai female World rankings at #9 in the 52kg category. Her compatriots Erin Kowal and Claire Rankine have also been included in their respective weight categories.

Erin Kowal, one of the most active female Muay Thai fighters in Thailand in 2020 with a total of 7 fights. With narrow points losses to the likes of Sawsing Sor.Sopit and Chommanee Sor.Taehiran, it’s clear why she has been included in the recent rankings update. She enters the Super-Featherweight division at #10.

Her Scottish counterpart, and former opponent, Claire Rankine also enters the Super-Featherweight division at #9.

For a full update on all of the WBC female Muay Thai World rankings visit the WBC Muaythai website.

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