4 Lower Body Strength Exercises You Can Do At Home During Lockdown

Whilst the Coronavirus outbreak has brought combat sports and the fitness industry to a standstill, many of us are stuck at home unable to visit the gym for our daily workouts.

It’s important for your mental and physical wellbeing to stay healthy and stay active during this unprecedented time.

Here’s four lower body exercises from Juan Cervantes’ strength and conditioning coach, Jonathan Smith, anyone can do around your home whilst on lockdown.

*The following tutorials were filmed before the government ordered gyms to close.*

Pistol Squats: Shift your weight onto one leg. Lift the other leg up, keeping your weight as centered as you can and slowly squat down through your standing leg.

  • Assisted: Using a towel, band or stick, have one person holding. Controlling the balance as you lower down on one leg. Try not to rely too much on pulling up with your hands on the way back up.
  • Bench: For an easier regression, use a bench or chair to assist half way through your squat, gradually using something lower each time until you can do a full range of motion.

Nordic Curls: Secure your feet under a sofa, bed, ledge or have your partner press down on your calves. From here you want to lower your self as slowly as you can to the floor. At some point you will more than likely fail so have your hands out ready to absorb the fall. Over time you want to gain more control and a greater range in the decent.

  • Hinged Nordic Curls: Same set up as the Nordic curls, but from the starting position you want to hinge at the hips, keep your ass still and loading your hamstrings with the tension. Focus on keeping control.

L-Sit: Sitting in a pike position on the floor. Place your hands flat on the floor by your side. Drive your hands down into the floor and try to raise both legs up off the floor as your bum raises off.

  • Elevated: Placing your hands at any higher elevation will make this slightly easier. If you work from two chairs you can focus on starting off in a tuck position. Once you have a tuck position mastered try alternating which leg you extend. Then try playing around with extending both legs. Over time work your way down towards the floor.

20’s: 20-second wall sit, 20 bodyweight squats and 20 jumping squats. Aim for 3-5 rounds if it’s the first time you’re attempting this. Over time try to build up to 10 rounds. No rest between rounds.

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