5 Australian Female Muay Thai Fighters In WBC World Rankings

Alma Juniku - Female Muay Thai

The latest rankings update from the WBC Muaythai saw the expansion of the female Muay Thai World rankings. Previously only 6 fighters named in each division, the augmentation sees each division now holding up to 10 female Muay Thai fighters.

The update sees Australia enter the top 5 countries for total athletes as they now have 5 natives in the female World rankings. Only Thailand (23), UK (11), Sweden (6) and France (6) have more.

The 5 top Australian female Muay Thai fighters named in the WBC Muaythai female World rankings are;

In addition to the 5 worthy fighters in the rankings, what could excite Australian Muay Thai fans further is the prospect of many more talented athletes breaking into the World rankings.

The likes of Celest Hansen has fought many of the World best female fighters in recent years. A big win for Hansen could secure a spot for the Australian, who currently lives in Phuket.

At domestic level, Australian national champion Brooke Cooper has shown promising signs of a huge future ahead. Elsewhere, the likes of Spring Sia, Britney Dolheguy, Kiri Bradley and Bryony Soden are all ranked #1 in their respective states.

These are just a handful of the names who could break through into the World rankings in what is an extremely competition nation for female Muay Thai.

Will we see Australia challenging the likes of the UK, Sweden and France for total number of country representatives in the WBC Muaythai female World rankings in the near future?

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