5 interclubs and a tough weeks training

This week is probably one of the toughest weeks training I’ve had to date. Last Sunday I participated in five interclubs and actually surprised myself at how much progress I had made over the last outing I had at the Northern Kings one a few weeks prior. Nothing really had changed in my training routine or anything but I really felt as though I had turned a corner in my abilties.

I have watched the videos back quite a few times now and I really felt comfortable in there. It’s great to see and really fills me with excitement that I may be fighting soon! Monday-Wednesday’s training sessions were good fun and because my shins, ribs and arms were battered and bruised from the interclubs, I really had to power through the pain and apply stupid amounts of Three Leopard to help with the healing.

This video is one that I quickly put together and posted on Facebook today (Saturday) of my and Andrew Hancill from Jai Suu. Andrew is a little more experienced than me having had around 6/7 fights but I felt I held my own.  I’m slightly bigger than Andrew, he would normally fight at around 65kg so my weight advantage was something that I had on my side but technicality and overall performance, I was happy with.



Thursday was a write-off. I did go training and got a bit of boxing training in and did the beginners class but couple the body being battered with the cold I have been carrying for a few weeks now, I was just tired man. I couldn’t switch on.

The was very apparent and very frustrating for me knowing that I should be able to power through. This weekend I have another interclub at DBMA in Darlington and I have had a little rest Friday/Saturday to try and let the body heal a little bit before it. My shins are feeling loads better but my cold/cough is still very much something I am having to battle with.

Hopefully it doesn’t affect me too much tomorrow, I’m sure it won’t but I am very much looking forward to putting my abilities on display. As it currently stands, I am 79kg with 4kg to go until my goal weight of 75kg. With only 6 weeks to go now until December, the date is looming and the tension is rising. I have just bought myself a set of scales for my home so I can keep a track of my weight and watch it closely.

Treats are now non-existent and I am putting in the time on the road to get the cardio up. I will go for a run tomorrow night after the interclub and after I have done a couple of interviews with some fighters. I will get the interclub on vide tomorrow so watch out for it on the Fat Lad Facebook page, I might even upload the other videos I got to the Fat Lad YouTube channel.

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