6 UK Fighters Listed In New WMC Top 10 Professional World Rankings

Image: Andros Fight Photography

The International Federation of Muaythai Associations (IFMA) recently released a brand new website which includes a dedicated page to the new World Muaythai Council (WMC) professional World rankings.

The rankings, which will be updated every 8 weeks by the International Ranking Committee, take results from IFMA amateur events, WMC sanctioned events and professional results from the stadiums in Thailand.

Taking a similar format to other rankings, the WMC World Champions top their respective divisions, with other athletes named as #1 through #10.

The UK’s elite athletes occupy 6 spots across the twenty-five professional weight categories in the male and female divisions.

Elite athletes Jonathan Haggerty comes in at #10 in the Super-Flyweight division, with both Liam Harrison #5 and Charlie Peters #8 in the Welterweight division.

Two more ONE Championship signed fighters, Liam Nolan and George Mann both make up the Super-Welterweight division at #9 and #10.

In the female division, Lisa Brierly, who recently returned to the ring after some time out, comes in at #9 in the Flyweight division and is the only UK female fighter listed in the inaugural rankings.

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