A lax weekend turns into this weeks motivation!

This weekend was a bit lax. It was my first weekend doing Fat lad and the first weekend I had the chance to look forward to a cheat meal. In the grand scheme of things, I was quite disappointed with myself because I had a drink (Jack Daniels). My head felt so clear on Saturday morning when I went to work and I felt so confident.

Later that day, it was hazy, I felt like I had lost control and that I wasn’t myself anymore. Baring in mind, that before starting Fat Lad, I wouldn’t think twice about going to the shop and buying myself a bottle of whiskey or a pack of 8 cans. Inevitably, drinking myself to sleep. To wake up tired, groggy, hung-over, unmotivated bla bla bla. The list could go on.

Now, I feel as though I have so much more energy coursing through my veins which is something I never thought I needed. But it’s a different kind of energy. It’s confident energy. I feel as though I am holding myself differently, interacting with people differently. It’s mad. To be able to wake up on a morning, jump out of bed with a spring in my step, crack some music on and actually look forward to the day has really changed my outlook on the way that things are.

I ranted last week to the camera. I was in a bad place. However, towards the end of the video, I said to remind myself that; things aren’t ever as bad as you think they are. When you are pushing your body and mind beyond what you previously thought they were capable of then you quickly realise you are able to do so much more.

As with anything in life. Adversity is good. Adversity makes you work towards your goal and keeps you learning, developing and growing as a person. Who wouldn’t want that?

No matter how hard it gets you always have someone there for you. Whether that be friends, family, hell, even me! If you feel stuck in a rut and feel you have no one to talk to; dom@fightrecord.co.uk. There is my email address. Get in touch with me.

A massive part of Fat Lad to Fighter for me is to help people make that change that they are longing to do. Whatever that may be. To positively influence a decision and to give you someone to blame if it doesn’t work out. I know that I am making steps towards my goals. I keep reminding myself that someone, out there, who I will be fighting in December is probably doing the same, at twice the effort. So I push. I keep pushing.

What are your goals? How do you plan to achieve them? Email me, get me on Insta (www.instagram.com/dom.fightrecord), Facebook (www.facebook.com/fatladtofighter). I’m here for you!

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