All 12 UK Female Muay Thai Fighters In WBC World Rankings

Erin Kowal - Female Muay Thai Fighter

Initially published in early 2020, the WBC Muaythai Female World rankings held 6 fighters in each weight division.

The inauguration saw 7 of the top UK female Muay Thai fighters listed in the World rankings.

The likes of Iman Barlow, Christi Brereton and Amy Pirnie were amongst some of the names listed in the initial launch.

Fast-forward to January 2021, the WBC Muaythai published an expansion of the female Muay Thai World rankings which saw each weight division hold up to 10 fighters.

This saw a further 3 UK female Muay Thai fighters added to the World rankings. These were Scottish trio Erin Kowal, Claire Rankine and Rhona Walker.

As the popularity of female Muay Thai continues to rise, the WBC Muaythai have extended weight categories amongst the female World rankings.

Some weight divisions now hold up to 12 of the best female Muay Thai fighters from around the World, with the UK now having a total of 12 female fighters included in the rankings.

All 12 UK female Muay Thai fighters in the WBC Muaythai World rankings:

  • Niamh Kinehan (#2 Lightweight)
  • Claire Rankine (#8 Super-Featherweight)
  • Erin Kowal (#9 Super-Featherweight)
  • Lucy Payne (#4 Featherweight)
  • Amber Kitchen (#11 Featherweight)
  • Iman Barlow (#2 Super-Bantamweight)
  • Christi Brereton (#4 Super-Bantamweight)
  • Rhona Walker (#10 Super-Flyweight)
  • Grace Spicer (#1 Flyweight)
  • Amy Pirnie (#5 Flyweight)
  • Dani Fall (#6 Flyweight)
  • Lisa Brierley (#3 Light-Flyweight)
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