All 41 UK Fighters In WBC MuayThai World Rankings

George Jarvis Enters Top 10 in the WBC MuayThai Middleweight World Ranings

The World rankings committee of the WBC MuayThai held their monthly meeting recently to discuss the latest Muay Thai results around the World.

In their most recent World rankings update for June, the WBC MuayThai have now listed 41 of the UK’s best Muay Thai fighters.

A total of 30 male and 11 female Muay Thai fighters from the UK have been listed in the latest update.

Some of the moves saw the likes of George Jarvis, Alex MacGregor, Josh Hill, Liam McGrandles and Daniel Bonner all gain positions in the rankings; all of whom picked up wins at VICTORY 6 and VICTORY 7 last weekend.

Also victorious last week, Juan Cervantes retained his top spot as #1 in the WBC MuayThai Cruiserweight World rankings after defeating Joe Boobyer with a second round body shot stoppage.

Jonathan Haggerty, Liam Harrison, Keith McLachlan, Jacob Smith and Lyndon Knowles are some of the other familiar names retaining their positions in the latest update.

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In the female Muay Thai World rankings, the likes of Niamh Kinehan, Iman Barlow, Grace Spicer and Amy Pirnie all hold positions in the Top 10.

A further seven of the UK’s female Muay Thai fighters make up the 11 fighters in the WBC MuayThai Female World rankings.

All 40 UK Muay Thai fighters in the WBC MuayThai World rankings update for June 2021;

UK Male Muay Thai Fighters

  • Lyndon Knowles (#1 Heavyweight)
  • Juan Cervantes (#1 Cruiserweight)
  • Rob Allen (#5 Cruiserweight)
  • Joe Boobyer (#18 Cruiserweight)
  • Dan Edwards (#8 Light-Heavyweight)
  • Daniel Bonner (#9 Light-Heavyweight)
  • Ben Hodge (#10 Light-Heavyweight)
  • James Ogden (#11 Light-Heavyweight)
  • Bilal Remassy (#14 Light-Heavyweight)
  • George Mann (#1 Super-Middleweight)
  • Sam Gough (#16 Super-Middleweight)
  • Chris Melhuish (#20 Super-Middleweight)
  • George Jarvis (#10 Middleweight)
  • Joe Craven (#14 Middleweight)
  • Niall Brown (#15 Middleweight)
  • Kamen Picken (#11 Super-Welterweight)
  • Alex MacGregor (#15 Super-Welterweight)
  • Liam Nolan (#16 Super-Welterweight)
  • Josh Hill (#17 Super-Welterweight)
  • Jack Cooper (#20 Super-Welterweight)
  • Liam Harrison (#10 Welterweight)
  • Liam McGrandles (#12 Welterweight)
  • Mo Abdurahman (#20 Welterweight)
  • Keith McLachlan (#20 Lightweight)
  • Jonathan Haggerty (#9 Super-Featherweight)
  • Reece Thomson (#17 Super-Featherweight)
  • Jacob Smith (#19 Featherweight)
  • Daniel McGowan (#17 Super-Bantamweight)
  • Callum McGowan (#20 Super-Bantamweight)
  • Ellis Barboza (#12 Bantamweight)

UK Female Muay Thai Fighters

  • Niamh Kinehan (#2 Lightweight)
  • Claire Rankine (#8 Super-Featherweight)
  • Erin Kowal (#9 Super-Featherweight)
  • Amber Kitchen (#10 Featherweight)
  • Iman Barlow (#2 Super-Bantamweight)
  • Christi Brereton (#5 Super-Bantamweight)
  • Rhona Walker (#6 Super-Flyweight)
  • Grace Spicer (#1 Flyweight)
  • Amy Pirnie (#4 Flyweight)
  • Dani Fall (#6 Flyweight)
  • Lisa Brierley (#3 Light-Flyweight)

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