Andrew Miller Is Hunting Revenge At Muay Thai Super Champ This Weekend

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Almost six-months since his last appearance on Muay Thai Super Champ, Andrew Miller is back and looking for revenge this weekend.

The Scottish Muay Thai star, who now trains at Petchrungruang Gym in Pattaya, will make a return to the Muay Thai Super Champ ring to face Rittidech Diamond98, the man who beat Miller in the final of the four-man championship tournament back in March.

“I am more than ready for this fight. I have trained my ass off and want the revenge!”, Miller told us in an interview earlier today.

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How has the pandemic affected you and your training over the past few months?

Andrew: “Thailand is basically back to normal now, so I’ve been training twice a day since May really. I am more than ready for this fight.”

What is the training like at Petchrungruang and which other fighters are you training/sparring with?

Andrew: “Training has been good at Petchrunruang. It’s not always about smashing pads. We work on technique a lot and game plans which is good for the brain and feel for your opponents strengths.

“I have a few Thai’s training here, a Russian and Alex ‘The Italian Ferrari” Sara, so I have some great training partners.

How are you feeling now you are back to regular training and matched against someone you fought earlier this year?

Andrew: “To be honest, since the pandemic happened and having no fights, I went into coaching a lot, holding pads for people and making some money to keep me surviving out here and I’m loving it.

“So come Sunday, I’ll see if I still have the love for the fight game, but I have trained my ass off and want the revenge against Rittidech!”

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