Are you bored of the New Year New Me?


New Year New Me? I am sure we have all already been bombarded with messages about making positive changes in our lives; such as trying out a new crazy diet, joining the gym, setting huge goals to be successful for 2019.

Let’s just take a moment to think and breathe before we get sucked into this trend. First of all do you even want to make any changes?

If you do here are some quick mind-set tips to help you make sustainable changes:

W-W-H = ‘Why’ ‘What’ and ‘How’

Using these as a guide can help you to set goals but also get excited and clear on the process.

 ‘Why’– Why do you want to make changes? Why is it important to you? Knowing clearly ‘why’ can help in the moments when you aren’t feeling motivated.

What’- What is it that you want to change? When making changes think about what are you going to do more of rather than less of.

For diets, if we think I can’t have sugar, your mind will naturally focus on sugar. It’s the same when we are told we can’t think of something we naturally think about it. So instead, approach a diet change as: I am going to eat more vegetables and wholefoods.

 ‘How’– How are you going to do it? It’s easy to get caught up in what you want the outcome to be ‘lose 5 kilos’ or ‘run a marathon’. But we need to break it down into smaller bite-size chunks.

Think about what can you do every day that brings you closer to that goal?

These don’t have to be massive achievements; we all start from different places so eating one more vegetable a day can be a goal or simply putting on your trainers and leaving the house can be the goal. It sounds silly but by creating a habit of just putting on your shoes and getting out means you could go for a 5 minute walk, 2 minute run or 30 minute run. Whatever you end up doing it will be more than what you have done before. By the end of the month you will have racked up a healthy habit and time spent moving your body.

Sometimes we have so many things we want to change all at once; so here is a quick exercise to help you focus:

  • The table below includes four sections, for each one write down one goal you might have for each (Feel free to change the titles as these sections have to be important to you- Think about areas of your life you want to change).
1.            Health


2.            Relationships
3.            Sports


4.            Work


  • Pick one area you want to focus on. Our brain only has limited mental energy and space, so trying to do everything at once will result in most of the goals not being achieved because we are spreading ourselves too thin.
  • For that one area- Write down your ‘Why’ ‘What’ and ‘How’
  • ‘What’- Think about how will you measure change? For example, by the end of January I will have included four new vegetables into my diet that I eat at least four times a week.
  • ‘How’ – Set yourself daily little goals to hit and take a moment to congratulate yourself for achieving that goal. Think about how you can make these fun? For example: If you go for a walk with your kids, could you include some games like racing each other to a certain point. Or setting a goal you actually enjoy like trying a new fitness class that looks fun.

Taking moments to congratulate yourself is so important.

We have one life and spending it feeling guilty and terrible about ourselves 24/7 I imagine is not the life we want to lead. This is your life so set yourself goals that are important to you and reflect the kind of life you want to lead.

If you want any help designing your own goals or mind-set support; email me at lenakessler0@gmail.com.

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