Beginners Guide To Pad Holding For Muay Thai

After the recent government announcement of closing more businesses and imposing stricter rules on what we can and can’t do outside of our homes, it can be a frustrating time for many, especially those that rely on their daily dose of Muay Thai training.

If you have your own set of Thai pads and/or focus mitts and a willing spouse or relative, you’re all set to smash away those Muay Thai blues.

However, upon beginning training with your spouse-come-new-training-partner, you might be left motionless as they stand bemused, holding up both pads waiting for you to strike.

Pad holding itself can be an art of its own.

This very simple yet effective demonstration by Northern Kings head coach Craig Jose shows the basic foundations of how to adapt to holding pads and calling for shots from your training partner.

The more you practice, the better you will get and the more creative you can become, but a basic start as detailed above can be a solid foundation for any first-time pad holder.

Key points to remember:

  • Cross-padding means left pad should meet the left-jab, and right pad should meet the right-straight punch. (Opposites if your partner is southpaw; left-handed)
  • Push the pad into the strike but remember not to over-compensate and leave your partner throwing shorter strikes

More advanced pad holding techniques from the Northern Kings coaches to follow in the coming days.

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