Chris Shaw returns to the ring in main event against Rambo at YOKKAO 38

After successfully weighing in on the limit at 65kg earlier today, the former UK 61.5kg #1, Chris Shaw of Boxfit Gym in Glasgow, will return after 8 months out of the ring when he faces Thailand’s Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor in the main event at YOKKAO 38 tonight.

Shaw, who last fought in Japan back in July last year, will face the formidable Thai fighter Rambo, who beat Shaw’s nemesis Nathan Bendon in a close decision at YOKKAO 32 in October last year.

Shaw‘s last appearance at YOKKAO was back at YOKKAO 27 when he faced another Thai opponent, Superlek Kiatmoo9, in an unforgettable performance. Tonight he will face Rambo, who regularly appears on fight cards at Rajadamnern, Lumpini and Siam Stadiums, and is the current lightweight champion at the prestigious Channel 7 stadium.

After two tournament wins in 2017, either side of the fight with Superlek at YOKKAO 27, Chris Shaw started 2018 with a loss to UK 63.5kg #1 Nathan Bendon. A win against the Thai opponent who beat Bendon in his last fight would make a rematch between Shaw and Bendon even more exciting.

What do you think of Chris Shaw‘s chances against the Thai superstar at YOKKAO 38 tonight? Let us know in the comments below!

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