Enfusion Newcastle is just around the corner, are you ready?

Enfusion is back! British fight fans are in for a treat next week when Enfusion lands back in the UK. With 3 fight cards that really sets the tone for a fantastic evening. With a grand total of 25 fights, you do not want to miss out on this golden opportunity to see some of Europe’s tops fighters come together to display elite level kickboxing skills.

Starting the afternoon’s antics with an 11-fight strong undercard, this brings together some of the top talents from around the UK together. Featuring local talent Thai Barlow, brother of current Enfusion world champion, Iman Barlow, will be battling it out against Alex Rives. Two hungry young men looking to make a good impression on June 9th. Alex will be making the journey over from Spain to compete on one of the most highly decorated Kickboxing promotions in the world.

George Griffiths will be taking on local lad, Christian Jopling in a very exciting match-up matched at 56kg. Jopling is trained at MASSAC gym in County Durham and will bring an exciting level of enthusiasm to the table.

Kiatphontip’s Hannah Brady will be taking on Tanya Merrett in the only full Thai rules fight of the night. A female fight will light up Northumberland’s Sports Central. Merrett, currently ranked number 1 in the UK Muay Thai rankings, will be taking on Hannah Brady who will be going up in weight to compete at 57kg.

After the Undercard, there will be an Enfusion Talents card commencing at 4.30pm. Boasting a 4-man tournament and 4 other fights alongside them, this is definitely one not to miss. Jack Bullock will be fighting Karl Johnson. Bullock currently undefeated will be looking to add another win to his impressive resume but Johnson will be coming to dethrone Bullock and show him just what he is capable of.

IFMA Bronze medal winner Leigh Newton will be back in the square circle fighting Sofia Holmer. Holmer will be flying to Newcastle to compete on the Enfusion Talents card all the way from Stockholm, Sweden to put on the show for the crowds next week. Joe Craven will now be taking on Romanian fighter, Valentin Magos. After putting on a fantastic display earlier in the year, Craven will now be tasting the kickboxing world and putting himself to the test and seeing what Magos has to offer.

Enfusion Live. Starting at 7 pm, this card delivers a knockout standard of quality. With a world title defence for Iman Barlow against Lara Fernandez. In her 6th title defence, Barlow will be laying her 54kg Enfusion world title on the line for the first time on English soil. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the ring, Barlow will definitely bring a bang to the main event of the evening.

Power of Scotland Fight Team’s top boy, Chris Shaw will be fighting on Enfusion for the first time against Norwegian, Simon Santana. After suffering a loss recently, Shaw will be looking to get back to winning ways and getting straight back in the ring and showing what he is capable of on the big stage.

Juan Cervantes fought his way to be on the Enfusion reality series, but his journey was cut short with a loss suffered early on in the competition with “a taste of his own medicine” jumping knee stoppage in Abu Dhabi. Looking to regain his winning streak on Enfusion, Cervantes is fighting Mehdi Fassal at 85kg.

Scottish prodigy, Amy Pirnie will be taking on Swiss opponent, Aline Seiberth in a match-up at 50kg. Pirnie has been around the block and will be in Newcastle to go to work on her opponent and deliver a knockout performance for the crowds who will be flooding to Newcastle next week.

The venue that the event is being hosted at will be fully equipped with everything you will need to have a fantastic experience. With tiered seating, a fully licenced bar, stalls and food, there will be no reason that you will be going un-entertained. Tickets are on sale and are available through the Eventbrite app or via www.enfusionuk.eventbrite.co.uk and use the promo code associated with each fighter if you would like to support them.

Below is the complete fight card for the event. 9th June. Northumbria University Sports Central. Starting 1 pm.

Use the hashtag #EnfusionNCL across social media and get ready for what will be the biggest and most exciting kickboxing event to grace British shores.


Coalition promotions present Enfusion.

June 9th Newcastle.

Finish 9.30pm


Enfusion Live – Card Starts 7pm

Iman Barlow vs Lara Fernandez 54kg max

Simon Santana vs Chris Shaw 63kg max

Juan Cervantes vs Mehdi Fassal 85kg

Marian Lapusneanu vs Leif Taggart 65kg

Aline Seiberth vs Amy Pirnie 50kg

Ammari Diedrick vs Michal Dziuda 76kg

Thierry Mossiman vs Kyle Todd 70kg

Enfusion Talents – Card Starts at 4.30pm

Valentine Magos vs Joe Craven 72kg

4 Man Final 63kg

Leigh Newton vs Sofia Holmer 48kg

Jack Bullock vs Karl Johnson 75kg

Giacomo Licheri vs Cairns 68kg max

4 Man Semi finals 63kg max Gary Laws Connor Long Elvis Bonnin Almario Kane Birring

4 Man Semi finals 63kg max Gary Laws Connor Long Elvis Bonnin Almario Kane Birring

The undercard will start at 1 pm Doors open 12.30pm

Thai Barlow vs Alex Rives 55kg max

Rebecca Garside vs Charlotte Thompson 58kg

George Griffiths vs Christian Jopling 56kg

Hannah Brady vs Tanya Merrett 57kg

Duran Hasan vs Daniel Richards 65kg

Dragos Marion vs Nathan Ryder 65kg

Jason Lee vs Micheal McTavy 62kg

Tam Mcgeechan vs Levi Thompson 60kg

Joe Johnson vs Marcus Kenstam 69kg max

Callum Ashley v Josh Thomas 73kg max

Ben Harkness vs Liam Little 30kg

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