Fat Lad Vlog #010 – 6 week check in and most recent training

To say that I am over the moon with the way that things are going is a huge understatement. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who sent me messages of support the other day when I posted the picture of the 6-week comparison. I didn’t know I had made such a vast improvement.

This blog post will be more about the fact that you can do whatever it is that you want to do. I set out on this journey to help inspire and motivate other people to begin their journey into living a healthy life. I’m not by any means perfect. Nor do I pretend to be or want to come across preachy or as though I know everything.

I just speak from experience. Within six weeks I have dropped 8lbs and improved my muscle mass and fitness levels. It hasn’t been easy and the plan hasn’t been followed as good as it should have been but the monumental change from what I once was, has definitely changed and impacted the way I look at things now. I don’t default by running into the nearest convenience/fast food shop. I prepare, I don’t take comfort in food.

I have begun waking up earlier, being more productive both at home and with work, have improved energy levels, I am able to think more clearly, make better decisions. The list could go on. As I mention in the video, I would love everyone who interacts with me to feel that way too. I urge you if you are feeling lethargic, tired, beaten down, crack your shorts on, get your trainers on and get out for a run. Do some sit-ups, press-ups, whatever you might feel like doing.

I find myself now, cranking out a couple of press-ups when I’m just playing about with my kids on the floor, or doing some sit-ups while I’m waiting for the kettle to boil. Just making smarter moves towards my goals. I am going to set myself a challenge to begin setting small, medium and large goals. I am going to get something together where I can manage goal setting and share it with you.

For now, please enjoy the video. Share it with your friends. If you enjoy it, please subscribe. Every interaction I get means so much. As always, a massive thank you to everyone who is helping me along on this journey. I couldn’t do it without you all!

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