Image: Muay Thai Super Champ

Fighters of Muay Thai Super Champ 19/01/20 React to Their Results on Social Media

Thailand’s Channel 8 promotion Muay Thai Super Champ was back for the weekly Sunday super show featuring many of Thailand’s top fighters pitted against the best farangs in the country.

In the heart of the capital, on Pra Athit Road in Bangkok, this week’s Ch8 promotion was headlined by an epic female contest between Thailand’s Sawsing Sorsopit and the tough and talented Ukranian Ruslana Vyniavska.

Here’s how some of the fighters on today’s epic card reacted to their results on social media;

Sawsing Sor Sopit (View fighter profile)

Ruslana Vyniavska (View fighter profile)

Stefan Korodi (View fighter profile)