Five Reasons You Should Take Up Muay Thai

Muay Thai is more than just a fight sport. It’s a total body workout, it’s a confidence-booster, it’s a way of life for many, but most of all, it’s fun, interactive and helps many people live a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Here’s five reasons you should really start training Muay Thai;

Muaythai is for everyone

No, really, it is for everyone. You will find people from all walks of life in a combat sports gym. Doctors, labourers, office-based workers and all other professionals are united within the gym.

It’s a place where your regular life and ego is left at the door. Everyone has a different reason for being there, but one thing rings true throughout any combat sports gym; the team bond and acceptance amongst your training partners.


Perhaps the biggest reason for many is the camaraderie between your training partners. The bond you get and relationships you build between your training partners is like no other commercial gym.

There’s often a misconception that martial arts and combat sports gyms are full of angry, aggressive characters looking for a fight. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. More often than not, you will be welcomed with open arms and feel a sense of acceptance from your new team.

The first thing you will notice is only a small percentage of people are there to fight competitively, yet this group are just as welcoming and friendly as anyone else.

Mental Health

In the words of UFC commentator, Joe Rogan;

“I see martial arts as moving forms of meditation. When you’re sparring or drilling a technique, you cannot think of anything else.”

This statement can be true for anyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. Muay Thai is a place people can go to escape reality and get mental clarity by focusing on the ‘here and now’.


Muay Thai is good for your confidence and inner strength. On top of enhancing your physical conditioning, Muay Thai builds confidence and promotes discipline of the mind through the control of emotions and feelings.

By training Muay Thai, you are training yourself to focus and perform under pressure. You are “conditioning” your confidence which will give you a more peaceful and confident approach under regular life situations.

“By putting yourself in that intense form of pressure, it makes regular life more peaceful.”

Fitness and physical progress

It’s often said that if your sole purpose is to work out to lose weight, interest in your activity will inevitably decrease over time and you will lose sight of your goals.

Muay Thai will be one of the most interactive and engaging workouts you will ever have. As you focus on learning new techniques, drilling them on the pads and putting them into practice in live sparring, you will begin to understand why Muay Thai is such an addictive workout.

Your main goal will not be to lose weight, but to get better at a particular drill and learn new techniques. The fitness and physical benefits of a full body workout will come naturally as you burn 1,000 calories per hour during your Muay Thai training sessions.

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