Full Fight Card For YOKKAO 49 & 50 This Weekend

Full fight card for YOKKAO 49 & 50 - Jacob Smith vs Tam McCourt

Eighteen months since the last Muay Thai event, YOKKAO is set to return. Supershowdown presents an explosive night of pure Muay Thai action on Sunday 8th August.

YOKKAO 49 & 50 features some huge domestic Muay Thai fights. Jacob Smith, Niamh Kinehan, Chris Shaw and Panicos Yusuf are just a handful of the names in action at the Macron Stadium in Bolton this weekend.

The double event will featured two stacked main cards, supported by a huge undercard with some of the UK’s next biggest Muay Thai stars.

This follows the daytime kids event, which is considered one of the biggest Junior Muay Thai events in Europe.

The main event of YOKKAO 50 will see the return of Bad Company’s Jordan Watson. He takes on tough Spanish fighter Francisco Valderrama in a 71kg international bout.

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Panicos Yusuf is another name making his return to domestic Muay Thai action. He is set to face Chris Shaw in another huge 63.5kg bout.

Elsewhere, Jacob Smith defends his UK #1 spot against Tam McCourt and Rhona Walker also puts her top spot on the line against Meg Corwell.

See the full fight card and undercard for YOKKAO 49 & 50 below;

Full fight card for YOKKAO 50;

  • Jordan Watson vs Francisco Valderrama (71kg)
  • Niamh Kinehan vs Eva Schultz (61kg)
  • Lee Williams vs Scott Stewart (82.5kg)
  • Nathan Bendon vs Brian Totty Jr (63.5kg)
  • Jacob Smith vs Tam McCourt (57kg)
  • Myk Estlick vs Matty Holleran

Full fight card for YOKKAO 49;

  • Chris Shaw vs Panicos Yusuf (63.5kg)
  • Meg Corwell vs Rhona Walker (52.5kg)
  • Josh Hill vs Jack Maguire (70kg)
  • Adam Haslam vs Anton Austin (60kg)
  • Yannick Goitom vs Tyree Stevens (53.5kg)

Full undercard for YOKKAO 49 & 50;

  • Luke Kaufman vs Jocky Flood (65kg B-Class)
  • Ryan Stockley vs Lewis Wheddon (66kg B-Class)
  • Joe Ryan vs Uzzy (72kg B-Class)
  • Anthony Deary vs James MacDonald (57kg C-Class)
  • Kieran Lee vs David Borland (62kg B-Class)
  • Ellie Barker vs Tamzin Raison (50kg B-Class)
  • Matthew Jones vs Joe Le Maire (53.5kg B-Class)
  • Sam Stevens vs Williams Harris (64kg C-Class)
  • Joe Hughes vs Luke Colbert (61kg C-Class)
  • Connor Bourne vs Sydney Tyler (64kg C-Class)
  • Dylan Sheridan vs Jake Duthie (68kg C-Class)
  • Amy Cavaleri vs Ellie Burr (73kg C-Class)

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