Fight Cards and Results

Full Results From Channel 7 Stadium Muay Thai, Sunday 11th October 2020

Muay Thai Results

Muay Thai results from Channel 7 Stadium on Sunday 11th October 2020.

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1. KohTao Petchsomnuek lost to Kaenkaew Por.Yiemsaen (112lb)
2. Petchsangwan Sor.SamarnGarment won by KO in the 4th round against Yodmanoot NayokAthasala (110lb)
3. Petchbanrai Singmawin beat Saiyanlek Sor.Salacheep (110lb)
4. (Main event) Petchmongkon Soonkelahuaytom lost to Chusap Sor.Salacheep (pictured) (117lb)

Via: @muaythairesults

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