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Full Results From Muaymunwansuk At Rangsit Stadium, Friday 2nd October 2020

Full results from Muaymunwansuk at Rangsit Stadium Thailand on Friday 2nd October 2020.

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  • 1. Petchdet Wor.Sangprapai beat Samingdet NayokPodKabinBuri/ApichatMuayThaiGym (111lb-112lb)
  • 2. Ongsan PetchyindeeAcademy won by KO in the 1st round against Prabpram ChotBangsaen (116lb)
  • 3. Chailek NayokPodKabinBuri/ApichatMuayThaiGym lost to Promrob Siopol (124lb)
  • 4. (True4U Main event) Chamuaktong FighterMuayThai lost to Capitan PetchyindeeAcademy (pictured) (142lb)
  • 5. Songfangkhong FAgroup beat Yodrak SamartPayakaroonGym (130lb)
  • 6. Petchwanorn SitThailand lost to Nobita ShinoMuayThai (115lb)
  • 7. Kongnapa Srimongkon won by KO in the 3rd round against Baipai YotharakMuayThai (140lb)
  • 8. (Online Main event) Panpetch Wor.Sangprapai lost to Petchniran Dabransarakham (124lb)
  • 9. (8 Kuman Tournament) Kongpaendin Por.Muangpetch beat TheLek RevolutionPhuket (48.4lb)
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