Full Results From Rajadamnern Stadium Muay Thai, Wednesday 23rd September 2020

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Full results from today’s PetchWittaya Muay Thai event at Rajadamnern Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

  • Kaimookkao Wor.Jakrawut lost to Nongtuey KemMuayThaiGym (113lb)
  • Kwan KemMuayThaiGym lost by KO in the 4th round to Noppadet Chor.Hapayak (formerly Malek Daengkaosai) (120lb)
  • Petchnipon Sak-ChorRorBor won by KO in the 4th round against Singviset PhuketSingMuayThai (111lb)
  • Plaipayak Sor.Tumanin lost by KO in the 1st round to Petchwanorn SitThailand (113lb-114lb)
  • Singpetch Detchsingtai beat Petchmalai Phetcharoenwit (106lb)
  • (For the Rajadamnern Stadium Mini Flyweight title) SuperBright Por.Pikanet lost to Rittidet Sitkrudet (1st photo) (105lb)
  • (Main event) Mohawk Tded99 (2nd photo) beat Payakkiri Chor.Hapayak (117lb-119lb)

Results providing by: @muaythairesults