Full Results From Rajadamnern Stadium, Wednesday 21st October 2020

Full Muay Thai results from Rajadamnern Stadium in Thailand, Wednesday 21st October 2020;

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  • 1. Kaenlek Sor.Chokmeechai beat SilapaThai Sitkruyiem (109lb)
  • 2. Samingdaeng Wor.Jakrawut beat Suamanee Kaewsamrit (111lb)
  • 3. Ittipon Chor.Hapayak lost to Suwatlek Tded99 (126lb)
  • 4. SuperBright Por.Pikanet beat Liampayak Chor.Hapayak (104lb-105lb)
  • 5. Saimongkon Lukmaewarunee/Flukbamigiew beat Rit Sor.Visetkit 🇰🇭 (121.2lb)
  • 6. Singpetch Detchsingtai lost to Rittidet Sitkrudetch (107lb-106lb)
  • 7. (Main event) Mohawk Tded99 lost by KO in the 2nd round to Panthep VKkhaoyai (formerly Samuanthep Por.Petchsiri) (118lb)

Via @muaythairesults