Get to Know Rising Featherweight Prospect Reece Robson of Newcastle Fighters Gym

Young north-east based fighter, Reece Robson, has been competing for just a little more than a year. Notching up four-straight wins in his early career, he has shown a level of skill and technique way beyond that of a standard novice fighter.

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I would never think of my self as the best at 57kg, but it is what I’d like to aim for though.”

Reece will be back in action this weekend on his home show at Newcastle Fighters: Reloaded when he faces Silapa’s Ryan Odonnell in the co-main event.

Get to know more about Reece Robson in this short interview we did with him earlier this week.

When did you start training, what got you started and why?

Reece: “I started training Muay Thai when I was only 17, not having any previous knowledge or experience of the sport at all. The reason I started was that I was a small shy kid and I was always being bullied at school.”

What is it you enjoy about Muay Thai and competing in the sport?

Reece: “What I enjoy the most about this sport is meeting new people and travelling around the country to spar/train with some of the best in the country.

“Each time I train, I feel like I get better and better every time, feeling fitter and stronger each day and always staying ready for the next fight.”

There’s been a few people talking about you being one of the best in the North at 57kg, what do you make of that?

Reece: “I would never think of my self as the best 57kg in the north east as my coaches would never let me think that. It is what I’d like to aim for though.”

Is competing something you want to do for a long time and do you have any specific goals?

Reece: “It’s a long time off yet before I’m in a position to make a proper career of this sport, but my first main goal is to fight for a regional title and from there take one step at a time to become the best.

“Everyday for me is eat, sleep, train, repeat.”

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