Goal setting, overcoming adversity & open session at NK

So Tuesday and Thursday’s are open sessions at Northern Kings. 12-2pm. I try and get down when I can, structuring my day off in the week (if I get one), to be on one of them days where I can fit in a couple of hours training in during the day. It’s good because it’s quiet, it’s not a massive gym full of people with attention spread thin, I mean, sometimes its just you and Juan if no one else is in that day.

It’s essentially a private, it’s brilliant. Getting to soak in that knowledge and work on things you wouldn’t normally get to work on in a class or whatever, really helps development. Yesterday was definitely not that. Not that it was busy but it wasn’t a ‘chilled’ session. I walked in to see, Juan, Jamie and Jake and Juan thanked me for turning up because I evened up the numbers.

Sparring, my favourite thing in the world! I spoke last time about how I was sparring Jack Bullock, sparring with these guys is a completely different level. Jamie Bates is a Glory contracted fighter and will be fighting on 2nd June in Birmingham. He has had over 100 fights and has a wealth of ring knowledge.

Juan is fighting on Enfusion the week after Jamie fights on Glory and is current UK number 1. It’s insane that little old me (or anyone for that matter) is able to train with such athletes and professionals in the sport. It is always something I have found intriguing. Being able to train with the elite-level athletes, for me is just nuts. It’s where you learn the most. We did 9 rounds of sparring and then 3x4min rounds on the pads.

I would say that it was an ‘enjoyable’ experience but I would be lying. I have got bruises up and down my body (mainly my head) and my whole body aches. I love it. Now, I know I have talked a lot about getting beaten up and stuff, but realistically, you mould your training around your own abilities. If you want to get fit and not have the intensity of quite a heavy sparring etc, then do that. If you want to spar heavy, then do that. You tailor your training to your goals and your training partners will work with you to achieve that goal.

Whichever gym you are in, whatever your goals are, you want to be pushing yourself though, you need to have an aim to work towards, whether that is beating a personal best, running a certain distance, doing so many kicks in so many seconds, losing so much weight or whatever, if you have that goal, then you know where you are going and what you are trying to achieve with your training.

I had a brilliant time with Jake, Juan and Jamie. From training before a few years ago, I became comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and you should do the same. Walk into the gym you never thought you could, life the weights you never thought you could, overcome that adversity that is holding you back.

I feel all motivational now and on a high horse but I don’t want to come across that way, I just want to share a little bit of something that might help you overcome yourself to want to challenge yourself and become better. I am so lucky to have a support network around me and I want to say that I am here for you. If you want to email me dom@fightrecord.co.uk then feel free to do so and I will try my best to answer any questions that you may have and to try and put your mind at ease.

Until then, join the Fat Lad to Fighter on Facebook and join the Fat Lad to Fighter Facebook group to engage with the community that is quickly forming.

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