Home Show 9 – Delivers a knockout card for 24th March!

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Millennium Martial Arts have an annual home show that rivals some of the biggest shows in the country and this one is no different. Bringing fighters from all over the world to compete with the stable of fighters based out of Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth. Last years Home Show was incredible. The Home Show 9 is shaping it up top it. With a visit from the former Glory world champion, Neiky Holzken and his team, the event was top-class.

This time around is absolutely no different. With a fight card full of talent from all over the country, Tony Cunningham and his clan go to war on the 24th March. Top of the bill stands at Kyle Todd (Millennium Martial Arts) is fighting Daniel Bolfa (Romania) in a professional K1 bout at 70kg.

Kyle Todd recently made the move to begin training full-time as a fighter, helping out around the gym to help support Tony Cunningham and the Millennium team. In that time, his coach said that he has gone from strength to strength and can really see a difference. This stands Todd in good stead for his performance this weekend in his hometown of Blyth.

A night of 17 fights all ranging from junior bouts right through to top-class, elite level K1 action. This will surely have the crowd entertained come 24th March. The full line up of the show is below; notable fights are Jack Bullock vs Jack Sampola, Juan Cervantes vs Romain Falendry, Tamara Fallon vs Charlotte Thompson and Kevin Carr vs Paul Morris.

The fights are above are notable for a number of reasons, that doesn’t mean that the other fights aren’t notable too. With Leif Taggart, John Cairns and Juan Cervantes all featuring on the stacked fight card. Millennium Martial Arts always deliver a top-class night of K1 entertainment and if you don’t have anything to do this weekend, a very strong suggestion is that you get yourselves down to Blyth sports centre and check this event!

Fight Record will be at the event. Speaking with the fighters and generally having a good time. You’d be mad to miss this!

The Home Show 9 Full Line up

Daniel Bolfa Professional fight team Romania 🇷🇴
Kyle ‘K1ller’ Todd Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth 🇬🇧
Pro 70kg 3x3min

Juan Cervantes originally from Mexico and fighting out of Northern Kings Newcastle 🇲🇽
Romain Falendry Paris France 🇫🇷
Pro 85kg 3x3min

Dario Drotar Team Firekick from Cluj in Romania 🇷🇴
Leif Taggart Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth 🇬🇧
Pro 65kg 3x3min

Anghel Cardos Transylvania MMA Romania 🇷🇴
Michal Dziuda from Poland 🇵🇱 representing Bad Company Gym in Leeds
Pro 75kg 3x3min

Bogdan Suru Professional fight team in Romania 🇷🇴
John ‘The Joker’ Cairns Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth 🇬🇧
Pro 68kg 3x3min

Cristian Ristea Superkombat gym in Bucharest Romania 🇷🇴
Mateusz Duczmal from Poland 🇵🇱 representing Bad Company Gym in Leeds
Pro 95kg 3x3min

Thierry Mosimann from Switzerland 🇨🇭 representing Northern Kings Newcastle
Joe Johnson The Manor North Sheilds 🇬🇧
Pro 70kg 3x3min

Raluca Costache Respect gym in Romania 🇷🇴
Rebecca Garside Phoenix Thai in Shildon 🇬🇧

Pro 60kg 3x3min

Jack Bullock Northern Kings Newcastle🇬🇧
Jack Jones Sampola Sor Thanikul Newcastle 🇬🇧

Pro 77kg 3x3min

Connor brown Team Phoenix Newcastle🇬🇧
Jordan Waring Maltby Thai Sheffield🇬🇧

Pro 73kg 3x3min

Kevin Carr Jai Suu Muay Thai in Cramlington 🇬🇧
Paul Morris Phoenix Thai in Shildon 🇬🇧
Pro 62kg max 3x3min

Charlotte Thompson KO Kickboxing North Sheilds 🇬🇧

Tamara Fallon Bad Company in Leeds 🇬🇧
Pro 57kg 3x3min

Matty Carrick Kui Ling South Sheilds 🇬🇧
Nathan Ryder Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth 🇬🇧
Vacant amateur Homeshow title 64kg 5x2min

Soporan Ionut Team Firekick in Cluj Romania 🇷🇴
Dragoș Marian Team Drago from Romania 🇷🇴

Semi -ro 65kg 3x2min

Mikey Collingwood Phoenix Thai in Shildon 🇬🇧
Gary Watters Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth 🇬🇧
69kg amateur bout 3x2min

James Fairlamb Jai Suu Muay Thai in Cramlington 🇬🇧
Amaan Qayyum Innovation Martial Arts in Middlesborough 🇬🇧
57kg Amateur bout 3x1min30sec

Tyler McKenzie The Unity Gym County Durham 🇬🇧
Levi Carl Thompson Millennium Martial Arts in Blyth🇬🇧
62kg junior bout. 3x1min30sec

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