How to Find Muay Thai and Kickboxing Events and Results on Fight Record

At Fight Record, we cover all the latest upcoming Muay Thai and Kickboxing events and past results for events all over the UK and Europe.

If you are looking for an upcoming fight card, or want to dive into the archives of past results, you will find everything you’re looking for on Fight Record.

How to Find Fight Cards and Results

The quickest and easiest way to browse upcoming fight cards and past results is to click the ‘Events’ link in the main menu at the top of the page.

This will drop-down with an option of Muay Thai or K1/Kickboxing events. If you would like to browse all events, simply just click the main ‘events’ link.

This will bring up all upcoming and previous events with full fight cards and results from Muay Thai and Kickboxing events dating back to the launch of our website back in March 2018.

Filter Your Search For Events

Use the event finder to filter your search for events.

The event finder menu on the right-hand side of the event page (bottom on mobile devices) will allow you to filter your search for events.

You can filter your search by rules; Muay Thai or K1/Kickboxing, by Region/Country, and/or by Promotion.

Upcoming Events on Homepage

Quick access to the latest upcoming events.

For quick access to upcoming events, simply scroll down the homepage to find the next four Muay Thai and Kickboxing events, displaying the main event of the fight card and a direct link to view the full fight card.

Access the full Fight Record fighter database and see full fighter profiles, fight records and fight history for just £1.99 per month. Sign-up here.

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