How to Improve Your Confidence Before a Fight

No lead up to a fight is ‘perfect’. We might have a lot of expectations on what we want training session to look like but injury, work stress, life stress, dieting and poor sleep can impact how training and recovery goes.

Life is never exactly the same each day; so we have to learn to be flexible and adaptable with it.

I’ve heard athletes talk about wanting to give it 100% in every training session. Unfortunately we aren’t robots so performing at exactly the same level, time and intensity is unrealistic.

So how can we be more flexible and adaptable? … Let’s look at what does 100% actually mean and look like?

100% will look very different on a day where you haven’t eaten before training, slept terribly and had a very stressful day at work; compared to a day where recovery has been great with limited stress.

So instead of comparing each training session to one another; think about did I do everything I could in that training session?

If yes- great

if no- okay, what will I do differently next time?

Being harsh and overly critical won’t get you very far except for feeling terrible about yourself. Looking back at training and being honest; okay, I could have done more, what can I learn from that?- this is a much more flexible way to grow your mind-set to achieve your goals.

By reflecting in this way will mean you go into a fight with more confidence because you know you have done everything that you possibly could have done to be in the best possible position to fight.



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