How to Improve your Focus

Performance Consultant Lena Kessler @Lena.a.k

What will you learn from this post? You will:

  • Learn about where your mind goes before a fight.
  • Learn how to use a simple tool to reduce stress and improve focus.
  • Learn how to focus on the process.

What do you focus on before a fight? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about:

  • Your opponent?
  • Winning?
  • Who is going to be watching?
  • Not wanting to disappoint your coach?
  • Not wanting to let your gym/team down?

Where do these fit within the circle of control? (Below)

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Out of the list above we ultimately can’t control any them;we might be able to influence winning, what our opponent does, what others think of us but that will only be done by focusing on yourself and your performance. Focusing on uncontrollables usually leave us feeling anxious, worried,stressed or tired before a fight.

We only have limited mental energy so wasting this on things we can’t control before a fight means we have used up all our energy before even getting in a ring.

TOP TIPYou can use this circle whenever you feel stressed or anxious. Just notice what things are causing you to feel stressed or anxious and put them into the different circles; that way you can refocus on what you can control.

What you can control is what you do.  Obviously we all want to win; but instead of being consumed by wanting to win break it down into HOW are you going to win.

  • What do you want to do in the ring?
  • What do you have to do to get the win?
  • What kind of a fighter do you want to be in the ring?

Answering these questions helps you to stay focused on the process; if we get the process right the outcomes will follow.

For example: If I want to win:

Three things I have to do:

  • Come forward at every opportunity to pressure my opponent (Practice in training/sparring).
  • Include 2 extra HITT sessions into my training week to make sure I am will be fit enough.
  • Respond to everything thrown at me (Practice in training and sparring).

You can use this approach weeks before your fight to the moment of your fight; before a fight you might focus on what you have to do: come forward, respond and hands up.

If you notice your mind wondering on what you can’t control just bring it back to the three things you want to do and can control.


Break down the outcome you want into 3 PROCESS/CONTROLLABLE actions; anything more will be too much for your mind to focus on. If you find it easier to have one focus that is also fine- keep it simple to keep your mind sharp and focused.

If you focus on thesethree things then you know you did everything that you could before and duringthe fight, even if it was not the result you wanted.  

Main takeaways:

  • Notice what you are spending your energy on: Controllablesor uncontrollable?
  • Break down the outcome you want into threeprocess goals.
  • Before a fight focus on the three things you cancontrol/ what you want to do in the ring.

Performance Consultant Lena Kessler: @Lena.a.k  lenakessler0@gmail.com

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