IFMA Launches #MuaythaiConnects Campaign With Virtual Championships This Summer

The coronavirus outbreak has caused disruption across many sports industries, with many of the sports governing bodies cancelling international tournaments due to social distancing rules and countries closing their borders to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

One of which was the annual IFMA World Championships which was set for Abu Dhabi this year. However, with the unavoidable cancellation of the Championships, in light of the COVID-19 global lockdown, IFMA launched a campaign named #MuaythaiConnects.

Part of the campaign will see National, Continental and World Championships contested in a virtual format.

“Bringing the opportunity to compete back during the lockdown era. A chance for the IFMA members to compete in virtual fields of play over multiple tournament formats to vie for medals over competitions demonstrating muaythai skill, technique, culture, fitness, strength and stamina. All from participants’ homes worldwide.”

“The Virtual Championships will consist of 4 Tournaments in which participants may enter. Each participant may enter as many of the tournament types they wish.”

Participants will be scored on four main categories, all of which can be performed from home;

  1. Wai Kru
  2. Shadow Boxing
  3. Max Fit
  4. Aero Fit

All preliminary rounds will be competed and judged by VDO submission, with participants drawn into brackets and scored to determine the next round.

Finalists will be given their compeition time slot and enter a virtual arena via a link where they will be judged LIVE.

Dates for the scheduled Championships are as follows;

  • IFMA Virtual National Championships (1st July – 31st Aug)
  • IFMA Virtual Continental Championships (1st Sept – 30th Sept)
  • IFMA Virtual World Championships (1st Oct – 10th Oct)

For full details, entry information and download the rulebook, please visit the IFMA Virtual Championships 2020 homepage here.

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