Interview with 10-time World Champion, John Wayne Parr

If you’re a fan of Muay Thai, John Wayne Parr will need no introduction. We recently spoke with the former 10 x World champion to get an insight into his life and what he’s got planned in the future. Full interview below.

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You’ve fought the who’s who in Thai and kickboxing; who would you say you are proudest to have shared the ring with?

Good question. So many great fighters it’s impossible to choose only one.

How do you stay motivated to train when you have had so many fights?

I want to create a legacy so when I pass, people will bring up my name in conversations when they talk about Muaythai.

Has your training changed as you have got older?

Now that I’m older, I’m trying to hit as hard as possible every single strike. Doesn’t matter if it lands or blocked, I want to hit hard enough to intimidate my opponent with every shot.

If you could pick somebody to rematch who and why?

I would say Buakaw. He is a superstar and known worldwide as one of the greatest. Our first fight in Japan was a draw. We fought an extension round with one judge for me, two for Buakaw.

Our second fight in Jamaica, 90% of people that seen the fight believed I did enough to win. Only problem now is I can’t get to 70kg and I can’t see Buakaw coming up.

Are you still going to fight beyond your 100th win?

I’m going to fight until the wheels fall off. With my boxing and Muaythai I’ve had 145 fights. It would be amazing to get 5 more fights to make it 150 but we will see how my body holds out.

Beyond coaching, do you have any other plans for when you eventually do retire from fighting?

No. But I’m having fun teaching at my gym with private lessons and classes. I also teach seminars here in Australia and around the world that helps pay the bills. This is all I’ve known since 11yo so for me this lifestyle is living the dream.

You have done it all in the world of Thaiboxing, what keeps you coming back to the ring?

It’s definitely the challenge and the rush if you win by knockout. Some fights I sometimes can’t sleep properly for a week because your whole body is tingling with excitement.

You and your daughter are coming to the UK, she is fighting a well known UK fighter Ellie Barker, how is training going?

She is doing amazing. Jazzy hits very hard and just as aggressive as myself. We have both extremely grateful for both of us to be fighting overseas and representing our country.

Are you looking forward to your visit to the UK?

Yes of course. I believe this will be my 5th trip there. After Jazzy’s fight the plan is to stay in the country 2 weeks travelling around meeting people & teaching seminars.

Do you have any other plans while you are in UK?

I just enjoy being a tourist travelling to as many places and meeting as many people as I can. I heard it is summer over there so might try and work on my tan to make people in Australia jealous when I get back.

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