Introducing: Matthew Bowater of Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy

We caught up with Matthew Bowater of Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy to ask a few questions on his Muay Thai career so far ahead of his Pro-Am bout against DBMA‘s Eddie Gill at Victory IV next Saturday.

When and how did you get started in Muay Thai?

“I started training boxing about 5 years ago just as something to keep fit and then progressed into Muay Thai from there. I started taking it more seriously when GTBA took over my gym in September/October last year.”

When did you start fighting?

“I went out to Thailand to train in November last year and started fighting in February this year. So far had 4 fights and have progressed in each one.

“I went from C-Class in my first fight, B-Class at POS 26 and then Pro-Am at Blitz 5. I then took my fight on Stand Your Ground 7 in Liverpool at A-Class, so it has been a quality year for me.”

What’s it like training at Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy?

“With training at Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy, I split my time between GTBA South and GTBA. It is class training with the team, I am training alongside some of the best fighters in the UK and constantly learning from them.

“Everyone in the team pushes each other on and the atmosphere is amazing. Even when people are not fighting they are still in the gym helping get their team-mates ready.”

Where do you want to take your fighting career?

“With my fighting career I basically trust my coaches with this. In 2018 I have been part of some big shows and want to keep that running into 2019. I am always training and working hard to improve and will happily take any opportunities that come up.”

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