Jackson Barkhouse beats Ammari Diedrick, re-enters rankings at #2

After two-years out of the ring, Jackson Barkhouse of Maryport Dragons returned with an excellent performance against Ammari Diedrick in the 72.5kg four-man tournament at Victory IV on Saturday 8th December.

Last night it was announced by Thai Fighter UK rankings co-ordinator Steve Broome that Barkhouse enters the 72.5kg rankings at #2 after beating Diedrick, who had beaten the previous #2 Jake Purdy earlier this year.

Get to know more about Jackson in this interview we did with the new 72.5kg UK #2:

What do you enjoy about Muay Thai?

“The thing I enjoy about training for an upcoming fight in Muay Thai is learning how much your body can actually do when you push it to it’s limits. The dedication it takes in getting to the standard you need to be at in a fight takes alot of persistance.

“Everyday pushing yourself in the gym when you’re tired and don’t feel like going, dieting, running all takes alot of sacrificing to achieve what you want and I love learning each camp just how far I can push myself in the process.”

What have you achieved in your career?

“My main achievements are two British titles as a junior and a silver medal in the IFMA European championships.

“On paper I think some of the people I have shared the ring with and gained my experience from are my main achievements; I have fought all around the world and fought some top names like Andre Kulebin and Reece McAllister.

“The biggest achievement for me though is seeing how far I have come when I look back a few years and compare to now. Everyone at my gym are always pushing to improve me as a fighter and couldn’t ask for better coach and team mates.”

What’s next?

“For now, I am just going to take each fight as they come and try progress to the number 1 spot in the UK.

“I am also going to keep at the IFMA’s and try to continue going around the world and competing, the experience is second to none. My ultimate goal in the sport is to one day become a World Champion”

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