Jacob Smith stops Reece Thomson, becomes new featherweight UK #1

Thai Fighter UK 57.1kg #1 Reece Thomson faced the current #4 Jacob Smith at YOKKAO 38 tonight, with the #1 spot on the line in an eagerly anticipated match-up with two exciting fighters.

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Jacob came out looking the stronger of the two in the early rounds, landing quick leg kicks and body shots.

Thomson went back to his corner looking hurt after the second round, but he showed heart and came out with some early combinations in the third.

The work-rate of Jacob, however, proved too much for Thomson as he backed him up landing more body shots and leg kicks throughout the third round.

In the fourth round, Jacob landed an uppercut which stumbled Thomson. As referee Ricky Sewell started the count, Thomson fell to his knees and was unable to continue.

With a big win and crowned the new UK #1, will we see Jacob in a potential rematch against Simon Forrest next?

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