Jonno Chipchase Aims To Prove His Violence Can Conquer Stuart Stabler At YOKKAO

This Saturday at YOKKAO, we can look forward to many high profile, technical Muay Thai bouts across a stacked card including some of the UK’s finest athletes.

One of the top domestic battles on the card sees the experienced Jonno Chipchase pitted against the wonderkid Stuart Stabler, who is unbeaten in his young career and riding an active TKO streak at YOKKAO.

Now ranked #5 in the Super-Featherweight UK rankings, Stabler looks to continue his rise to stardom as he faces #3 Jonno Chipchase this weekend, but the seasoned veteran has other plans.

How has training been for this fight?

Jonno: “Training has been great, thanks for asking. I’m fortunate enough to still have the same trainer – my dad John Chipchase – who’s coached me, and pushed me to new limits my entire career. We have a really cohesive relationship. I think that’s one of my major strengths as a fighter.

“I’ve also had 34 professional fights, and nearly as many pull-outs when you tally them all up, so as far as camp life goes. I’m experienced, but still learning. But yeah, at the risk of sounding redundant, as I know all fighters say this… this has been the best camp of my life. And I can’t wait to perform.”

What does it mean to you to be fighting on one of the biggest promotions in the UK?

Jonno: “In one way, it means everything, as really, there’s no point in fighting if you’re not aiming to have every eye in the country watching how well you perform. But we are also in the fight business, and in that business, the battle with your opponent comes before the show, or really, anything else.”

Do you know anything about your opponent this weekend?

Jonno: “Yeah, Stuart is a technically capable, dangerous young prospect, who I respect.”

Do you have any particular gameplan for this fight?

Jonno: “My game plan is very simple; this is a 50/50 fight in that we are both very, very dangerous. The show knows this. The public know this. And we both know it, too.

“I aim on proving that my violence can conquer his by knocking him out. He aims to do the same to me. We are both warriors looking to claim a head. How that comes; who knows. But that’s what I’m coming for. That’s the gambit. That’s why this fight is so exciting. And for that, I thank him. May the best man win.”

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