Fat Lad to Fighter: A journey from a ‘fat lad’ to Muay Thai fighter

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So this will be the beginning of a blog/vlog/social media frenzy called Fat Lad to Fighter. I (Dom) have had this idea for a long time and have never had a platform to provide a true insight into what it takes to become fit and healthy. I have always wanted to. Be fit and healthy that is. However, up until now, my laziness has always got the better of me. I am creating this series as a way of keeping me accountable. A way to educate people into the world of fitness and nutrition. A world I have only dipped into.

This is going to be a comprehensive look at what it takes to make that change. To learn that discipline that fighters (or any athlete for that matter) have and the sacrifices they have to make. I’ll take you back and give you my origin story and bring you to where I am today and this will set us all up to join me on this very exciting journey.

The History of Fat Lad

The discovery of the beautiful sport, Muay Thai, happened around three years ago. When I walked into Northern Kings for the first time, my life changed. I had never watched what I eat, I had never gone to a normal gym, I was/am in no way your standard ‘athletic’ kind of guy.

I have always had a ‘well-rounded’ feel to my body and never really paid attention to my health. When I discovered Muay Thai, I did train frequently. I got quite good and did a couple of interclubs and been quite successful in them. By successful, I mean that I have been able to hold my own.

A year into my training I got married and shortly after found out I were to be expecting my first child. That quickly turned into a second child and two job changes. So as you can imagine, training really took a back burner. As did my nutrition and any form of fitness that I once previously did.

Fat Lad today

There have been a couple of things happen recently that have shotgunned my health into the forefront of my mind. A recent loss in the family. A shocking discovery of my actual weight. I have been smoking more than I have ever smoked before. Waking up on a morning sometimes struggling to catch my breath and not being able to run after my boy when he wants to play in the park.

This has sparked a want and need to make myself a better person. Not just for me but for my family too. Also, to help educate anyone else who might be on the fence about either, wanting to go to a gym for the first time or anyone who would like to make that decision to want to step into the ring.

Looking forward

I am embarking on this journey with the help of 3-5 individuals and more. Everyone who reads/shares/engages with the content I will produce and the stories I will tell. The companies who are on board to help me along the way with my training, my food and my general health and well-being. I couldn’t do this without the help of them and would strongly recommend their services to anyone and everyone.

I have extensively researched my options when looking into this. These guys have come top of my list. Each of them will get their own blog post at the beginning of each of their categories within the Fat Lad to Fighter section on the Fight Record website, giving you information on their services and background. Naturally, as the journey progress, there will be more people added to the lineup, but I will keep you up to date with on everything I do.

I will be documenting everything I do. From waking up early to go for a run or to the gym for an S&C session. The food I will be eating or have been allocated for that day, the Thai techniques I will be working on in the gym. There is just going to be so much to share with you guys. I’m super excited to share this journey with you and hope that you can take something from it and learn.


I have created a Facebook page which will be purely for the Fat Lad to Fighter journey. I will be using my Fight Record Instagram and I have created a Fat Lad to Fighter Snapchat (FatLadToFighter) which you can engage with too. Finally, all of the videos I create will be uploaded to the Fat Lad to Fighter YouTube channel. Make sure you subscribe/follow/like all of them to not miss a thing!

The education and insight I will share will be priceless. A wealth knowledge will be shared with everyone involved. So much so, it really makes my mind spin when I think about it.

This is me for now, I am going to work on a video introducing Fat Lad to Fighter and what it’s about to have on the YouTube channel so make sure you keep an eye out across social when I get it shared!

Fat Lad, out!! Peace.

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