Judy Humber - Female Muay Thai Fighter

Judy Humber moves to #3 in WMO Muaythai World rankings

This past weekend, Scottish female Muay Thai fighter, Judy Humber, secured one of the biggest wins of her young career to date.

With less than 10 professional bouts in her journey thus far, the Scottish fighter, originally from Aberdeen, continued her win streak in Thailand last weekend at Muay Thai Super Champ.

Defeating two opponents in one night at Muay Thai Super Champ back in March, Judy secured her ticket to the championship final, where she faced Ukranian fighter, Ruslana Vyniavska, who has been up against the who’s-who of female Muay Thai in Thailand over the last few years.

After the initial three rounds were declared a draw, Judy Humber and Ruslana went to a fourth deciding round, where the Scottish fighter was awarded the win and secured the 57kg title.

The win was recognised by the major sanctioning bodies around the World, including WMO MuayThai, who awarded Judy the #3 spot in the Featherweight World rankings.

She leapfrogs her opponent Ruslana, as well as Wondergirl, Jackie Buntan and Anaelle Angerville, and sits firmly behind Barbara Aguiar at #1 and Smilla Sundell at #2.

See the current WMO MuayThai female Featherweight World rankings below. For the full list of female Muay Thai World rankings from WMO MuayThai, click here.

Note: Rankings accurate as of May 5, 2022.

WMO MuayThai Female Featherweight (126lbs / 57.153kg)

  1. Barbara Aguiar (Brazil) บาร์บาร่า อาเกียร์
  2. Smilla Sundell (Sweden) สมิลหลา แฟร์เท็กซ์
  3. Judy Humber (Scotland) จูดี้ ฮัมเบอร์
  4. Jackie Buntan (USA)
  5. Anaelle Angerville (France)
  6. Ruslana Vyniavska (Ukraine) รุสลาน่า วีเนียฟสก้า
  7. Wondergirl Jaroonsak (Thailand) วันเดอร์เกิร์ล แฟร์เท็กซ์
  8. Miriam Sabot (Italy)
  9. Zahra Shokouhighahfarokhi (Iran) ซาห์ร่า โชคูไฮกาห์ฟาโรกี
  10. Kwankhaw Por.Muengpetch (Thailand) ขวัญข้าว แจ็คกี้ยิม
Judy Humber moves to #3 in WMO Muaythai World rankings
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