Kieran Keddle On Launch Of Canadian Muay Thai Rankings

Kieran Keddle - Canadian Muay Thai Rankings

In 2018, one of the UK’s most renowned Muay Thai promoters and coaches, Kieran Keddle, made the trip across the Atlantic. The former Double K Gym owner moved to Alberta, Canada where he opened Elite Martial Arts in Braeside, Calgary.

Since then, Kieran has also launched Muay Thai World Cup; a Muay Thai promotions which has since become the fore-runner Canadian Muay Thai.

Recently, Kieran and his team at MTWC have spent endless hours formulating data to produce domestic rankings. Last week, the very first official Muay Thai rankings in Canada was published.

We spoke to Kieran, who gave us a major insight into his development and plan to take the domestic Muay Thai scene in Canada to the next level.

Kieran: “What I noticed within Canada is that there are some quality fighters and coaches, but not the right platform to showcase their skills.

“There is a lack of professional Muay Thai shows here for various different reasons mostly concerning costly commissions. So what you find is an abundance of amateur Muay Thai events.

“Fighters do not want to turn professional because the lack of fights. In my honest opinion, the amateur scene here is no different to B-Class in Europe (5×2 with elbow pads) so I take that as an actual fight. Some amateurs here have had 30-40 fights and their levels are that of a professional. I wanted to change this concept and mind set completely. A fight is a fight.

“My business partner managed to work on a commission on the First Nation land, Tsuut’ina reserve. From there we had a commission that was approachable and cost effective.

“Meanwhile I approached WBC Muay Thai about being a representative of their association, which I was accepted. So then I brought the commission, judges and public to a judges seminar hosted by WBC U.K. official Nash Kashwala. It was a process.

“Then we launched the Muay Thai World Cup and split it into two. The first part was amateur and second part was professional. A lot of people were sceptical and the belief was that it wasn’t going to happen, but we did it. We sold 2,400 tickets and the show was a complete success.

“MTWC now is seen as the fore runner for Muay Thai in Canada which is a fantastic achievement. Coaches, gyms and fighters now believe in the product and it’s vision for more shows across country. So for me, to develop all this, a ranking system is a formality.

“If we genuinely want to know who is #1 in the country then someone must take the first steps. It makes perfect sense for everyone. Fighters can now gauge themselves and make challenges. Coaches can study possible opponents for their students. Gyms can now boast they have ranked fighters in Canada. Matchmakers have a guideline now to make competitive fights.

“For me it’s so important for a guideline to a fighter to reach the top, become champion, then go to international honours in which at MTWC we can assist with that journey.

“To really press for mass exposure for Muay Thai in Canada then the steps now have been taken. This is the plan to eventually have events screened on national TV.”

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