Last night was tough – self-discipline and foresight

Last night was really tough for me. I was on my way to training last night and discovered a crash on the A1. This delayed me by about 45 minutes which, in turn, made me miss training. When you settled your mind into the want to train, you just want to train. I have gone home, ate food, fuelled for it, mentally prepared for it. Then something happens, and you can’t go.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, the person/people who have crashed, I feel for them. I would hate to crash my car on such a busy road but, I wanted to go training. It sounds incredibly selfish, but I did. With the wife and kids in the car, it was agreed that we were to go shopping and get a new lawnmower. We moved at the back end of last year and had never had a garden so never had the need for one.

Wifey was out in the garden (been really nice weather these past two days) and she said that the grass needed cutting and the garden needed a tidying up. So off we now went, to go get a lawnmower. That whole experience wasn’t too bad, I had quite a lot of fun running about the shops with Maximus.

Then we got in the car and child number 2, Maverick, cried the whole way home. Not even cried. Like screamed and balled the whole way. The WHOLE WAY! By this point, I was ready to give in like, take me to the shop, buy me a pizza, some whisky and a pack of cigarettes and give me a dark room. I don’t know why I couldn’t shift this dark cloud that was hanging over my head last night, but I just couldn’t.

So, we were ready to get the kids changed and into bed and it came to light that we needed nappies to get the kids changed into. This was the fucking icing on the cake. I just packed in. So now, I had to go to the shop. I did so with the view of buying some cigarettes because I was feeling so up a height that I could see only that as my way to calm myself down.

While going around the shop, nappies in hand, wondering what I could buy for tea. I don’t know what it is was, but something just snapped. I didn’t want to smoke. I don’t want to eat really shit. I want to be healthy, I am going to become a fighter. The power of thoughts and mindset began to overcome me. After I got my tea sorted, I went back to my car and ranted to the camera.

This is why I am doing Fat Lad to Fighter. To keep me accountable. Accountable not only to myself but to everyone who has expectations of me. Lee, my personal trainer, Spoonhead Nutrition, Northern Kings, Yodphet and everyone who interacts with Fat Lad to Fighter on a daily basis on the various social media accounts (which you should definitely check out).

All of these people are relying on me to follow through with my word with my actions. Actions that will eventually change not only my life but hopefully, that of many others who will interact with FLTF over the course of the project. I will be putting that rant up later this evening on YouTube, so please head over, subscribe and click the bell to be notified to make sure you don’t miss out.

I will say now, there is swearing, cursing and negativity but I said that I would share the bad with the good and this is exactly it. I mean, it’s not all negative because I come to a realisation during the video but I will leave that for you to find out.

Thanks, as always for reading my ramblings and I would love to see you over on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. You can email me on dom@fightrecord.co.uk if you have any questions or join the groups that I have set up on Facebook to engage with other people too!

Fat Lad. Out.


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