Liam Harrison announces online course to be released after his next fight

Liam Harrison - Muay Thai Grand Prix

Let’s just get this straight. We all know who Liam Harrison is. If you don’t, stop reading this, take your head from under the rock you’re living in and go and do your research. Writing this now assuming you know who he is, it is quite an exciting announcement that the Hitman took to social media to let people know about.

Harrison has recently been all over the world teaching seminars and passing down the knowledge. On his Facebook post, it read, I’m constantly getting asked from people overseas who can’t get to my seminars if I have an online seminar programme, or from people who have done the seminars and can’t remember all the techniques etc if there’s anything similar they can see online to recap.” Harrison’s seminars are ridiculously informative and you a guaranteed to learn… A lot!

Having fought at the highest level for over two decades, his wealth of knowledge is definitely something that would be worth tapping into. As we all know, online courses have become more popular over the past few years and now the hitman will be bringing the best of what he knows and making it available to everyone, “it will have many in-depth videos and modules that will benefit total beginners, right up to advanced fighters. It will include in-depth looks into every part of Muay Thai including, footwork, basic pad-work advanced pad-work, bag drills, clinch work, sparring, technique work etc plus all the techniques I teach in my seminars”

Harrison is a busy man and is in the middle of fight camp as it stands to prepare to defend his number one spot against current number two, Double K’s Charlie Peters. This fight is one of the most exciting domestic fights the UK has been lucky enough to be getting ready for and MTGP will bring this to the masses on 7th July. “It has been in the works for a few months now and will be up and running shortly after my next fight. Hopefully, everyone will find it educational and can use all these techniques to help better themselves as a fighter, or whether you’re just training for fun.” As you can see, the Hitman is very excited to bring you this next-level training course that will be available all over the world.

Show your support to the UK’s finest and be prepared for what will be a spectacle come July 7th. Keep your eyes peeled after that for what will definitely be an action-packed and very informative course that Harrison will be releasing. Fight Record will release more details as and when they are released. In the meantime, head to Fight Record on Facebook and give us a like, Instagram and follow us and YouTube to subscribe to ensure you do not miss out on any announcements coming soon!

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