Liam Harrison Training – a resource for all Nak Muay to learn from the ‘Global Muay Thai Ambassador’

Liam Harrison is internationally renowned for being one of the best Nak Muay to fight outside of Thailand. With achievements in the sport many can only dream of, he is an inspiration to thousands around the world and a role model that many look up to. Having just been given the honour of being awarded the WBC Global Muay Thai Ambassador, Harrison took to social media and said, Absolutely blown away to receive this award from the WBC. Only the 2nd ever person to receive it, what an honour.”

Having shared the ring with the best of the best, The Hitman is a force to be reckoned with and now, the masses can sharpen their tools with his lessons. Fight Record spoke with Harrison some time ago and he mentioned that after his visit to America and since he has begun doing more international seminars, that he has people messaging him from around the world asking if he has a training resource online that they could take advantage of.

In a world of technological advancements, never has it been easier for someone to pass on their knowledge online and ‘Liam Harrison Training’ delivers just that. With techniques and lessons ranging from very beginner level right through to elite level, everyone can take something from his training resource.

Launched to the general public just under a month ago, there have been many people raving about it. Saying that it is the best online resource available to learn Muay Thai from one of the world’s best, most exciting fighters. With seven courses available, Beginners, Low Kicks, Sweeps, Advanced Fakes, Advanced Countering, Advanced Pad and Glove Drills and Bonus Content – there is definitely a little something for everyone.

You can sample some of the content and videos, there is a sample video on the first section of each of the modules to give you a taste of what the training courses offer. Try going here to find out about his first module on footwork and stance https://liamharrisontraining.com/beginners-course-1-1-stance-basic-footwork/.  There is a blog on there that Liam himself writes and he speaks about how, in the future, there will be guests posts from people/fighters/coaches around the world offering their insight into the wonderful sport of Muay Thai.

Priced reasonably considering the content that is available to you, you can score it for just £69.99 for the year, with monthly payment plans of £8.99. Alternatively, if you just wanted to watch one of the courses, they are available individually for just £29.99. An absolute bargain. It will be interesting to see how this resource grows over the coming years as Harrison’s social presence only grows and grows and it becomes a real place that fellow Nak Muay can go to and learn.

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