Muay Thai at Lumpinee Stadium is BACK

Muay Thai at Lumpinee Stadium

In a statement published earlier by a Muay Thai news source, it was confirmed Lumpinee Stadium is set to host Muay Thai once against this coming March.

Having closed the doors almost twelve months ago as the COVID-19 pandemic originally spread, Lumpinee Stadium had remained and was the only stadium in Bangkok to stay closed as promotions restarted Muay Thai events in the second half of 2020.

Lumpinee Stadium eventually reopened in late November before being forced to close again just a few weeks later amid another outburst of COVID cases in and around Bangkok.

It was rumoured last week that the Royal Thai Army, who own Lumpinee Stadium, were planning to refurbish the Boxing Stadium into a Sport Development Complex. The rumours derived from the Military closing down two other Muay Thai stadiums in an attempt to reduce the amount of gambling activities.

Earlier today, however, it was confirmed by Muay Siam that Lumpinee Stadium will indeed reopen and continue on it’s legacy as one of the greatest Muay Thai Stadiums in Thailand.

The following statement is via @muaythairesults;

Lumpinee Stadium Secretary, General Col. Somsakun Vijitparb, has stated that Muay Thai at Lumpinee Stadium will definitely return with closed door events on the 2nd March 2021. The show is scheduled to broadcast live on Channel 5 from 8.20pm local time / 1.20pm GMT.

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