Fight Record: A Muay Thai Database is Born – But Why?

Why choose Fight Record? The UK’s first Muay Thai database.

Fight Record will predominantly be a Muay Thai and K1 database featuring gyms based in the UK that fight fans, event promoters and fighter managers can use to research fighters, from C-Class right through to A-Class and top-level professional. So… Why choose the Fight Record Muay Thai database I hear you say?

The idea of Fight Record is that anyone who is looking for more information on a fighter can use it to find out more about them, or if an event promoter has a pull out on an event a short period of time before, that they will be able to use the Fight record database to find a fighter by age, location, experience and much more.

Imagine, you’re new to Muay Thai and you would like to find local fighters that you would like to go and train with, you want to find a gym to train at or you’re a gym owner with a stable of fighters looking to add them to the Fight Record Muay Thai database to help find them fights. You will also be able to use this facility to research a fighter that one of your fighters will be fighting.

If you are just looking for updates and education within Muay Thai, then Fight Record has you covered too. With a full blogroll featuring videos, a podcast, articles and much more that everyone will be able to engage with. Fight record has tried to make this as accessible as possible to everyone which the price list and subscription services that are available should reflect that.

There is a lot going on at the moment compiling all of the data for the Fight Record database, visiting gyms, getting to know fighters, writing articles, recording videos getting ready for a pre-launch of the Fight Record website. There are a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter available for everyone to access now to be able to keep up to date with the progress that is being made.

To answer the original question and title of the article, ‘why choose Fight Record?’ Frankly, it is going to change the way that everyone engages with fighters, events, gyms and fans. The quality of media will be the pride of Fight Record and Fight Record will have packages available for you to be able to request the media production services that we do for the Fight Record website.

What are you waiting for? Get signed up to the Fight Record mailing list and get ready for the pre-launch of the Fight Record website and save the URL in your bookmarks www.fightrecord.co.uk

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