Muay Thai Super Champ Could Be Last Televised Event For Weeks

Muay Thai Super Champ

Amid the most recent COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand, many promotions have cancelled their scheduled events. Rajadamnern Stadium, Lumpinee Stadium and many other prominent stadiums and promotions have postponed their events this week.

Muay Thai Super Champ, however, will still go ahead this Sunday. The weekly event, which is aired on Thai Channel 8, will hold this weekend’s event with no audience or supporters, as they have done since re-opening in July.

According to female Muay Thai matchmaker, Sawsing Sor.Sopit, who took to social media yesterday to make a statement; “fights for Channel 8 this weekend will go ahead as scheduled, but entry will be limited to the fighter + 2 corner team.”

Female Muay Thai media page, Muay Ying – มวยหญิง, also added; This could very well be one of the last televised Muay Thai events for the remainder of the year and the foreseeable future as the country is figuring out what to do to control the recent outbreak of 600+ new cases of the virus.

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