Northern Kings is First Stop: ‘Fight Record On Tour’ Begins

‘Fight Record on tour’ will be a documentation of the journey we take while out visiting the gyms collecting the media for the development of the Fight Record database.

To kick-start the ‘Fight Record on tour’ series, we began with the most local of the gyms, Northern Kings.

Northern Kings is run by Muay Thai veteran, Craig Jose. His team of coaches that support him are UK No.1 Juan Cervantes, Gary Laws who recently moved up weight to 61kg and is climbing the rankings, Helen and Gordon Smith who have been in the sport for well over a decade, so the wealth of knowledge that these guys possess between then is remarkable.

It is evident in the way that the gym is run and managed. Located in the heart of Newcastle city centre, Northern Kings is definitely somewhere that Fight Record would recommend when it comes to Muay Thai training in the North East. All experiences are welcome to Northern Kings (as with any gym) from first-timers right through to elite level practitioners such as GLORY contracted fighter, Jamie Bates and you even the odd MMA fighters make an appearance to fine tune their striking art, such as Andrew Fisher.

Fight Record had a great time capturing the media for the database down at NK, there was a total of nearly 30 names to be added to the Fight Record Fighter Database, all turned up and trained hard that night. Getting to meet everyone there and see the hard work that is put in is always great to see. Check out the Fight Record Gym page for more information on Northern Kings and the facilities that they have available.

Feel free to search the Fight Record database for the Northern Kings based fighters for more information on them and get up to speed with what they are all up to. Keep your eyes peeled for the next gym visit we have lined up for next week. Another fantastic gym with a reputation and following that is well respected on the Kickboxing/K1 circuit.

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