Panicos Yusuf - Muay Hardcore

Panicos Yusuf returns to action at Muay Hardcore

Just seven days after arriving in Thailand, Panicos Yusuf has taken a quick opportunity to jump back into action. He is set to return to the ring at Muay Hardcore มวยช่อง8 on Saturday, May 21.

Just over a month ago, Panicos faced Craig Coakley for the Muay Thai Grand Prix World title in London. Things didn’t turn out for him on that night, as he lost out to the Irishman via corner retirement.

In the weeks following the bout, the 37-year-old took to his social media to reflect on his career.

Despite the post initially sounding like a retirement post, Panicos finished by saying he has a lot left to prove and he’s still hungry.

He has proven his desire to continue competing as he enters this Saturday’s fight on less than a week’s notice. He will step in to face Super-M PetchPor.Tor.Aor on the weekly Thai Channel 8 show, Muay Hardcore.

Panicos still has a lot left in the tank

Despite the result against Craig Coakley seeming like Panicos is nearing the end of his fighting career, we only need to look back as far as October 2021 to see that “Superpetch” still has a lot left in him.

The All Powers man looked super-slick when he faced Spanish champion Carlos Araya at SuperShowDown. Though it was a leg injury that brought a stop to the bout, Panicos looked comfortable throughout the early rounds.

Watch Panicos Yusuf take on Super-M Petch Por.Tor.Aor this Saturday, May 21, at Muay Hardcore. The event is live and free via the มวยช่อง8 Facebook page and YouTube channel. The event is scheduled to kick-off at 7pm Thailand / 12pm BST (British Summer Time).

Panicos Yusuf returns to action at Muay Hardcore
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