Perform your Best even with Negative Thoughts!

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Do you ever notice that you compare yourself to others or wish that you were as good as the others?

Have you been critical of yourself and found that being negative hasn’t been helpful?

I think we can all relate to this at times! but why is it that we find it so easy to be negative even though we know it isn’t always helpful?

Thousands of years ago we couldn’t walk anywhere without potentially running into something that could attack us, whether that was bears tigers or other tribes. That means human mind has evolved to be programmed to judge, criticise, point out what is not good enough, compare and tell us what we need to improve on. These are actually great survival mechanisms to keep us safe from any potential harm.

In those days, if we walked around positive and carefree all the time our life expectancy would be very short. Now-a-days, when you walk to the shop you don’t need to be on the lookout for any tigers; but our minds have stayed hard-wired to seek out threat.

Why is this important to fighting?

Do you ever get nervous, anxious or have an adrenaline rush before a fight? (If you answer no, I question your response). Compared to most other sports, fighting we actually choose to go into a situation where we can get hurt; i.e. it’s a threatening situation to our survival.

Our mind and body wants to keep us safe so we go into a stress response; such as having ‘butterflies’, ‘feeling sick’, clammy hands or heart beats a bit faster. Some fighters see this as being ready and alert; whilst others see it as feeling stressed and anxious.

Sport psychology can help you develop different ways to manage this response to use it to enhance your performance; rather than letting it get in the way of performing. Simply, noticing and understanding your mind can be a huge help to your performance.

If you want to learn ways to manage your mind-set for fights, performances or work; email me at lenakessler0@gmail.com.


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