Power of Scotland 26 – Knockouts, upsets and spinning back fists!

The whole country was talking. Two of the most well-rounded fighters battling it out. One to defend his number one spot and the other to claim it and be crowned two division number one. After the three-hour journey up to Paisley, Fight Record was in for a treat, a night of exciting Muay Thai action. With some very well experienced fighters to catch up with prior to their fights, Fight Record was live on Facebook giving them a chance to share how they were feeling before their fight.

Knowing the standards Power of Scotland set, excitement was at an all-time high. Purple and green shone through the Lagoon lighting up the hall, smoke machines and a walkout stage all factoring until a brilliant quality production.

Fight of the Night – Chris Shaw vs Nathan Bendon

The anticipation of this one was huge and social media was on fire in the run-up. Safe to say, the fight lived up to the hype. The crowd came alive when Shaw came out and walked down the podium into the ring. The fight was equal throughout. A lot of people had Bendon written off, but he definitely showed why he is number one. Shaw was clinical, both fighter’s kicks ripping through the Lagoon over the Thai music.

As the fifth round ended many viewers who watched the fight live on our social media channel had the fight down as a draw, but the judges had a different decision in mind. After deliberation, it was a split decision in favour of the winner, Nathan Bendon. Retaining his number one spot and taking both purses, Bendon was over the moon to get the win over Shaw on his home turf.

Knock out of the night – Tam McCourt vs Jonno Chipchase

The knockout of the night definitely has to go to this gentleman. This was a tough decision to make, it was either McCourt to get Knockout of the Night and Ferguson to get Performance of the night or the other way around. What edged it was Tam’s ability to smell blood and go in for the kill at the beginning of the second round.

The fight was shaping up to be a cracker with both fighters warming up well in the first round. McCourt got a couple of lovely body shots off in the first and then went hunting for them again in the second. Landing a couple of sweet body shots, Chipchase stumbled into his corner and onslaught commenced. With some big hands coming in from every direction it was a big right hand, left hook that ended it and Jonno’s arms stiffened.

The referee, Ricky Sewell, did give Chipchase a chance to stand up and recoup but he deemed him too unstable to carry on giving the KO win to McCourt. McCourt then went onto celebrate in style with a backflip, some break dancing and a worm in the middle of the ring to show his excitement. A very powerful fighter for 59kg with some exciting fights coming his way, for sure!

Performance of the night – David Ferguson

David ‘The Tattooed Assassin’ Ferguson was awarded this one because he knocked out Gav Morrison after five hard-fought rounds. Ferguson summoned a spinning backfist from the depths of hell. Landing flush, Gav couldn’t do a thing about it and decked. This fight was a difficult fight for both gentlemen. Both landing some big shots, it was Morrison who was edging the win before the big knockout came to end the fight.

All in all, it was a fantastic event at Power of Scotland, and everyone was so welcoming of the Fight Record team. A special mention to Jack Kilford from Lookborai who was up against a much taller much more experienced ‘Wee’ Mark Cuggy. Matthew Bowater and the ever mysteriously named Foz. Willie Workman and Sean Wright who put on a good show for the crowds. All of the fights were brilliant, and everyone represented themselves and their gyms so well!

If you would like Fight Record to come to your event, then you can send us a message on our Facebook page or send an email to info@fightrecord.co.uk.

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