Praewpraw Muayded789 Continues Win Streak With Epic Knockout At Rangsit Stadium

Praewpraw Muayded789 (also known as Praewpraw PetchyindeeAcademy), was back in action in the main event at Rangsit Stadium yesterday.

The WBC Muaythai Light-Flyweight World champion headlined the Muaymanwansak card at Rangsit stadium, where he faced-off against current WBC Muaythai flyweight #8 MalaiNgern Somwanggaiyang.

Praewpraw continued his fantastic run of form with another win on Friday, stopping his opponent MalaiNgern with some vicious elbow strikes in the third round of their bout.

The win puts the PetchyindeeAcademy star on a five-fight win streak, which includes regaining the Rajadamnern Stadium 108lbs title against Sangfah Nor.Anuwatgym in December 2019.

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