Reasons Why You Should Start Training Muay Thai

So you’ve decided you want to take up some form of martial arts, but can’t decide which to pursue. After a quick internet search you’ll find Muay Thai appears at the top of many lists for the most effective martial arts for self defence and one of the most popular for fitness and weight-loss.

Often one of the most difficult challenges a person faces is making the decision to start. Walking into a gym for the first time may seem a little intimidating to many, especially as you walk the corridor or climb the stairs and hear the noise of grunts and loud bangs of strikes against pads echoing through the walls, but once you step through the doors you will be welcomed and will instantly feel a sense of acceptance and bond with your new training partners and coaches.

The team feeling and being a part of something you strive for has a huge impact on your new journey. No one should spend all their time in a commercial gym surrounded by people with headphones on and machines that give no feedback. Training Muay Thai will be one of the most engaging, interactive total body workout sessions you can ever get and after your first class you’ll see why.

Martial arts training isn’t just for those who want to compete in combat sports. Usually only a small percentage of people are actively competing, and many gyms will offer beginner classes that will be full of people there for the same reason as you; for fitness and to get in shape. Not everyone is going to fight or wants to fight, but you will see just as much difference in your physical appearance as the ones who are.

Once you start seeing progression in your appearance, your body fat burning away, your fitness increasing, all other healthy habits will begin to fall in place. Following a healthier diet will be easier, and your discipline and mental focus from paying attention to techniques and drills in class will increase.

As well as giving you greater strength and a better physical appearance, training Muay Thai helps your mental condition. You become so focused on what you are doing that you can not think of anything else. It’s a form of meditation and therapy for many. After an intense physical training session, endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain and also triggers a positive, euphoric feeling in the body.

So what are you waiting for? Have you been thinking about starting Muay Thai but worried about taking that first step? Get in touch with us via Facebook, Instagram or any of our other social media channels for tips and advice on getting started. Let us know where you are and we will recommend a local gym for you.

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