Receive affiliate payments directly to your bank account

Previous it was only possible to receive payments via PayPal, however, we have recently updated our affiliate program to allow our partners and sponsored athletes to receive payments directly to their bank accounts in over 30 countries.

How to receive payments to your bank account

Simply log in to your Affiliate Dashboard and visit the ‘settings’ tab. Here you will be presented with the option to register your bank account. Simply enter the following information:

  • Account Type (Personal or Business)
  • First Name, Surname
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth

Once you have input the above information, tap the ‘Register for Payouts Service’ button.

Upon submitting your details, you will be taken to a secure page to enter your bank account or debit card information where you would like your payments to be deposited.

Once your payment details are submitted successfully, you will be returned to the Affiliate Dashboard where your saved details will be shown.

Changing your bank account details

If at anytime you want to change the bank account or debit card attached to your account, click the link shown after the Want to change your payout method?This will send an email with instructions on how to change your payout destination.

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